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Chrome (Pro)[CRM-PRO]

The Chrome “Lite/Plus/Pro” dash is true innovation and excellence in the field of aftermarket dashboards for motorcycles. Combining a true color TFT display and an onboard processor, this system guarantees total flexibility to the engineer and end user. As a result, the Chrome has been designed with the main screen that is most suitable for its users, providing the correct spacing for each indicator. The use of a color screen also makes it possible to immediately make visible some errors such as battery errors, fuel and oil levels including the reserves. At the same time, this technology allowed for intuitive menus with a large amount of information. The TFT display chosen by I2M srl for the Chrome range of dashes was specifically to provide improved visibility in direct light, treated with an anti-reflective coating it eliminates unpleasant side effects of the sun. The Chrome “Plus/Pro” now also allow the user to select special screens and functions such as an analog tachometer. In order to create the perfect combination of both display and alarm configuration, the Chrome has a total of 12 configurable LED’s (4 configurable in RGB for the Plus/Pro Units) in order to choose the alarm configuration that is most preferred, both linked to the RPM (the classic upper LED bar) or for example a low tire temperature alarm were the black aluminum casing and a seven-segment gear indicator with self-controlled brightness could complete the aesthetic side of this new dashboard.

The Chrome incorporates lap timing and data acquisition with easy to navigate menus with choosing 20 pre-determined race circuits (which can be modified with a simple import/export function). For each racing circuit the unit can store up to 500 laps, each divided into 4 different sectors. The system can calculate and show the user a data summary for each circuit such as; the circuit map, best lap time, the number of laps completed and the ideal lap keeping the history for the previous sessions and those of the current day to be able to view the progress of the current day quickly and efficiently. The unit, in addition, allows you to view the circuit map directly on the display hence enabling the user to change the finish line position and split times simply by moving the cursor along the circuit map. The Chrome support GPS position and speed via an external 10Hz sensor, in addition, it supports RPM reading, front and/or rear wheel speed and has 8 external analog channels (10 on Plus/12 on Pro Unit’s) including motorcycles equipped with CANBUS. The unit’s data acquisition allows the user to record up to 1GB of data with sampling up to 100Hz per channel. A practical menu allows you to select the desired sessions, sorted by race circuit and date. The user can delete or transfer them to a USB stick for PC analysis using the Danas software, thus drastically reducing download times.

The system has two distinct configurations, BOX, and RACE. Each configuration can be adjusted by the user whether to display the tachometer, speed, temperature, both analog and digital channels, lap timing and best-lap and ideal-lap time etc. Among the different options available it is also possible to display nothing in a part/section of the display to reduce distractions whilst racing. If the system is in BOX mode, it will automatically switch to RACE mode as soon as a set target is crossed and then return to BOX configuration at the end of the session, this is done automatically.

Download: Chrome (Pro) Manual
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