Badger Racing Team

Badger Racing Team

No:76 - Johan Mouton

Hi, my name is Johan Mouton,

My race number is 76 and I am part of the Badger Racing Team and family business. My love for bikes started when I was 8 years old in Cape Town, South Africa, on my 16th birthday my Dad bought me my first superbike, a Yamaha TZR50. At the time it was the fastest 50cc on the road reaching speeds of up to 130 kmph (noted, needed a long straight road ;-). On my 19th birthday I bought myself a Honda NSR250, I never looked back! It was the best bike at the time and I loved it. With having a bigger bike I started to join the Sunday breakfast riders through Hells Hoogte, Franschhoek Pass, Du Toitskloof Pass and around the Western Cape to Hermanus. At this stage I was well and truly sucked in and bikes was my be-all and end-all... the only problem was, I needed a faster bike! I can remember walking into the bike shop one Saturday morning in Bellville and there she was, the king of SBK, the Kawasaki ZX7RR... needless to say, I did not leave with my NSR anyway, to make a long story short (I needed to be faster!). I progressed and bought 3 different model Honda CBR1000RRs new after and during my time in Gauteng Province. Before moving to Australia I bought my pride and joy (2010 KTM RC8-R Mc Williams Replica Limited Akrapovic Edition No.20 of 100). Something told me, I am among the fastest and with this machine/piece of art. I wanted more, got myself a purposely built track weapon 2012 KTM RC8-R Track as the cops would not appreciate the speed as much as I did, especially now that I was living in Australia.

Some of my achievements to date;
Fastest lap time: 59.3 sec (KTM RC8-R Track) around Barbagallo Raceway, WA, Australia
Racing Highs: First year Racing in 2015! and my wifes continued support (she is there every trackday, every race...)
Sponsors: Badger Racing, Hunt Signage
Racing Lows: The very first time I came off a motorbike, ASBK Round 3 at Barbagallo Raceway in 2015 after qualifying in second position with a 59.7sec lap.
Favourite Part: Stepping out the rear! I only recently started doing this... it is scary as hell but once that slipper clutch start working you just want more!
Favourite Turn: Left or Right, no real preference

Other sports & hobbies:
I love working and servicing on my own bikes, design & DTP, Coding & web design

Goals for this year:
Get the bike and myself prepared for 2017